Water Tank Plastic Blow Moluding Machine

Capacity:20L – 30000L

Plasticizing Capacity: 300KG/H – 1600KG/H

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Water Tank Blow Moluding Machine

We have developed water tank blow molding machine, which can produce 20L-30,000L 1-7 layer machine, water storage tank blow molding machine for producing 20L-30,000L water storage tank, modular design makes the blow molding machine easy to install, with servo pump and induction heater, more energy saving. The super cost-effective features make our blow molding machines have a broad market prospect, especially the new seven-layer blow molding machines developed have taken the absolute share of the market in Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East countries and South America.


Parameters of  Water Tank Blow Molding Machine:

Machine Type Production Capacity of Machine Plasticizing


Max Parison Weight Clamping Platen Size Clamping Force Machine Weight Power Consumption Machine Size
HY-200L 50L-200L 300KG/H 18KG 1000*1200MM 400KN 22T 120KW 9.8*8*5.6M
HY-500L 200L-500L 400KG/H 25KG 1200*1400MM 600KN 30T 160KW 10.5*8.5*6.2M
HY-1000L 200L-1000L 500KG/H 42KG 1500*1700MM 800KN 50T 200KW 11.4*9.5*6.6M
HY-2000L 500L-2000L 600KG/H 75KG 1900*2000MM 1800KN 65T 240KW 12.6*10*7.4M
HY-3000L 750L-3000L 1000KG/H 120KG 2200*2400MM 2200KN 85T 280KW 13.5*11*7.9M
HY-5000L 1000L-5000L 1200KG/H 200KG 2400*2600MM 2500KN 125T 320KW 14.4*12*8.6M
HY-10000L 2000L-10000L 1400KG/H 380KG 2800*3200MM 3200KN 204T 450KW 15*12.4*9.5M
HY-20000L 5000L-20000L 1600KG/H 700KG 3000*3600MM 6200KN 365T 480KW 15.5*13.2*10M

Advantages of water tank blow molding machine.

1. Control system. German Siemens PLC control system + Siemens interface screen + American three generations of MOOG 200 points wall thickness controller

2. Extrusion system. Siemens frequency controller + Siemens motor + high molecular, high plasticization rate screw

3. Die system: energy storage design + advanced flow channel design + die pressure monitoring

4. hydraulic system; servo hydraulic system controller + Japanese SUMITOMO hydraulic pump + Japanese YUKEN hydraulic valve

5. clamping system: three plate structure design + synchronous rack + booster cylinder

6. Circuit system: control cabinet + frequency conversion cabinet + heating cabinet


Application of  water tank blow molding machine

Water storage tank is a common water storage container in many countries, including injection molding water storage tank, rotomolding water storage tank and blow molding water storage tank. Injection molded water storage tank is generally wide mouth water bucket with small volume. Generally speaking, it is mainly single-layer and made of PE and PP materials.

Blow molded tanks are made of HDPE material by high temperature melting and extruder screw blow molding. The die head can be designed for multi-layer one-piece molding, high productivity, energy saving and environmental protection. And the quality and durability of the barrel is also very high. Widely favored by the market, it has successfully replaced rotomolded storage tanks and injection tanks with its excellent product performance.

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