May 11, 2022 Plastic Drum blow molding machine

What is the inspection work before the operation of plastic machinery?

Automatic blow molding machine machinery is a fixed asset of the enterprise, we operators before the operation of the machine to do the relevant preparatory work, so as to better maintain the machine, better the performance of the machine to Z maximum efficiency. Today I talk to you about what we do to check the work

First: before each shift to open the plastic plastic machinery, it is necessary to add smooth oil once in each moving part. (manipulator, manipulator guide, open and close the mold guide) before consumption to check whether the moving parts can be strong, whether the screws can be loose and fallen, especially in the center of the strong impact, whether the belt drive local abnormal.


Second: plastic plastic machinery mold must be cleaned regularly, polishing. Open the upper and lower pressure air source switch must be slow action, to prevent the air source flow rate is too fast dirt blown into the solenoid valve, while turning on the exhaust valve for 30 seconds to ensure that the air is clean.


Third: check whether the lamp can be damaged, fracture. To be replaced in a timely manner. Check whether the pneumatic components can leak air, whether the action is flexible. Check whether the triplex can be abnormal air leakage, whether the obstruction, whether the water cup storage capacity is too full. Plastic plastic machinery solenoid valve in case of abnormalities, to be cleaned in time.


Fourth: the swing arm can be added once in three days to four days. Heating machine large chain, small chain can be once a month. Often check whether the host reducer, heater reducer can lack of oil. Host bearing can be (2-3) once a month plus.


Fifth: check whether the high pressure gas source, low pressure gas source, power supply and water source are normal. Check whether the emergency stop switch, safety door switch, maintenance installation detection switch is normal.


Sixth: check the heating head into the embryo, the embryo can work normally. Insert embryo such as not in place can adjust the embryo installation nut.


The above points are the detailed parts of the inspection, the good service life of the machine depends on the quality of the machine itself, but also depends on the operator’s approach and technology, this is Z bad grasp, some operators often change the machine parts, some operators change the machine parts are less.

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