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What is the difference between a blow molding machine and a bottle blowing machine?

Blow molding machine and bottle blowing machine are common in industry, plastic production equipment, market coverage, there are many similarities manufacturers, so often people can not distinguish whether they need blow molding machine or bottle blowing machine, resulting in many people will find the wrong manufacturers, a consultation only to know not to produce. This article will introduce the many aspects of blow molding machine and bottle blowing machine in the end what are the differences, come and understand it.

Blow molding machine introduction

Blow molding machine is a plastic machine processing equipment, the liquid plastic sprayed out, the use of machine blowing out of the wind, the plastic body blow attached to a certain shape of the mold cavity, made products, plastic blow molding machine commonly used in two kinds of extrusion blow molding machine and injection blow molding machine, the basic principle of the two types of equipment is basically similar, are first added to the extruder resin, melted and blown to obtain finished products, the difference is that the extrusion blow molding machine process for extrusion The difference is that the extrusion blow molding machine process is extrusion – stretching – blow molding, injection blow molding machine process is injection – stretching – blow molding.

Blow molding machine blowing materials can be selected from polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polystyrene, linear polyester, polycarbonate, polyamide, cellulose acetate and polyacetal resin. The capacity of the products produced can range from a few liters to thousands of liters, and the HDPE products produced can be widely used in food, chemical and handling liquid packaging.

Polyvinyl chloride is used more in the cosmetic and laundry industries because of its high transparency and air tightness, and in food containers and gas beverage packaging.

The advantage of blow molding machine is that the plastic containers processed by blow molding machine have high thickness, corrosion and abrasion resistance, which can replace some of the ceramic containers, in addition to the lower cost of blow molded containers, low processing difficulty and high efficiency.

Blow molding machine introduction

Blowing machine is a machine for producing bottles, softening plastic particles into liquid, and then blowing them into different bottle machines through the well-made bottle embryo melt common blowing machines are extrusion blowing machine, shot blowing machine, special structure blowing machine three.

In the blowing process is also divided into one-step blowing method and two-step blowing method, most commonly used two-step blowing method, the principle of preheating the embryo through the infrared high-temperature lamp to soften the embryo will have been preheated to prevent the embryo to do a good job in the mold, the high-pressure inflation, blowing and pulling into the desired shape. The blowing and drawing process is a two-way stretching, so in this process, in order to increase the mechanical properties of the bottle wall, increase the tensile, tensile and impact strength, the PET chain is extended and arranged in two directions. This stretching is also a limit, not over-stretching, need to control the stretching blowing ratio.

Blow molding machine production of containers of the price link, higher security, so in the beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food processing and other industries are mostly used to replace the use of glass containers.


What is the difference between blow molding machines and bottle blowing machines?

1, the principle is different, the above article will be the working principle of the two types of machinery and equipment are trying to write the introduction can be meditated to see the two plastic production principle there are certain differences, blow molding machine production process for extrusion / injection – stretching – blow molding, bottle blowing machine for a step blowing method and two-step blowing method.

2, the production of different items, blow molding machine is the machine that blows the bottle, blow molding machine production method is convenient and easy, forming a large number of mainly tubular embryos or injection molding to the mold among the blowing, tube wall paste mold into a bottle. Blow molding machine, on the other hand, requires plastic in the screw extruder is melted and quantitative extrusion, through the mouth film molding, and then by cooling to obtain the complete product, more often used to produce large barrels or warning columns, trays, floating barrels and many other irregular blow molding products.

3, the characteristics are different, blow molding machine with high thickness corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc., the die head also uses chrome-plated screw mandrel structure to make the unloading more equal and smooth, better completion of the blown film, complex film blowing machine structure makes the output of the gas more uniform, lifting unit also uses a square frame structure, can be adjusted according to production needs.

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