June 5, 2022 Plastic Drum blow molding machine

What are the differences between injection molded plastic drums and blow molded plastic drums?

Plastic blow molding products are hollow, while the opposite injection molding because there is an injection port, so the molding of the product will be more than a small part of the fast, there will be a process to cut it off, but if you look closely can still be found. Blow molding plastic barrel: first inject the embryo, and then blow up with gas, suitable for thin-walled bottles. Injection molding plastic pail: melting directly. On the other hand, injection molding has an injection port, so there will be a small part of the product that you don’t want after molding, and there will be a process to cut it off, but if you look carefully you can still find it. Why should we have to condemn ourselves.

Injection molding is relatively complex structure should be extensive. Blow molding is generally applied to hollow products, such as the figure bottle body large mouth small, injection molding can not be type core off. PP and PC together compared is meaningless, are room temperature non-toxic and non-hazardous products. PP is usually used for low temperature, juice, milk drinks, for a blow molding. PC has a strong resistance to temperature, impact resistance, boiling water for tea, brewing hot drinks is very convenient. With two symmetrical plastic mold, after closing the mold, PP will be injected through the material groove, after cooling on the line, because the mold can not reach 100% close, so it will leave a material groove-like line, which is a relatively rough system, the modern technology level is higher, can be blown out as a whole and not on the trace.

Injection-blow molding is often used to make smaller containers (less than 16oz) for packaging pharmaceuticals, shampoos and cosmetics. One of the advantages of this process is that the bottles are produced automatically with the corners removed and do not require the post-trimming steps that are typically associated with blow molding processes. Although some narrow MWD grades are used to improve surface finish, medium to wide MWD grades are generally used. The injection molded blanks are the key to the entire consumption process.

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