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What are the common problems and treatments of nitrogen generators with substandard purity?

Whether in the chemical manufacturing, electronics, laser cutting or food and beverage industries, a safe and reliable supply of industrial gases is essential. The demand for nitrogen is essential in many areas of the production process, and the main use of nitrogen can be used for explosion and corrosion protection and to ensure process and production safety.

Some enterprises and factories in the industrial production of nitrogen generator found in a long time after the use of nitrogen purity will be reduced, so the purity of nitrogen in the end by what factors. In this article, we will focus on the common problems and solutions that the purity of nitrogen generator is not up to standard.


I. Nitrogen flow exceeds the standard


Fault description:

1、Qualified nitrogen flow meter indicator is larger than the nameplate rated flow rate

2、Impure evacuation flow rate is greater than the rated flow rate to reach the set purity.

3、Regeneration gas flow is too large

4、Switching timing error



1、Adjust the ball valve to limit the qualified nitrogen flow to the rated value

2、Adjust the ball valve to limit the impure nitrogen flow to 2/3 rated value.

3、Observe the opening degree of regeneration ball valve, and open 1/5 normally.

4、Nitrogen generator switching cycle is too short/too long, equalizing pressure is generally 2-3 seconds.

Compressed air inlet pressure is too low


Fault description:

1、Inlet air pressure of nitrogen generator is lower than 0.6mpa.

2、Cooler dryer, suction dryer, filter blockage/failure caused by low inlet pressure

3、Inlet and outlet ball valves / cut-off valve switching degree is not reasonable



1、Check the air compressor exhaust pressure / first-class air pressure tube pressure gauge to confirm whether the pressure is greater than 0.6mpa

2、Check the pressure before and after the cold dryer, exclude the ice blockage, check the suction dryer there is no abnormal exhaust, export dust filter there is no dust blockage

3, inlet / outlet / regeneration / solenoid valve gas ball valve switch degree is reasonable.

Third, equipment failure

Fault description:

1, air pressure meter failure

2, pneumatic valve failure, solenoid valve failure, coil burn, spool card

3, PLC failure, contact burning, can not give power to the solenoid valve

4, molecular sieve sinking alarm, silencer spray black powder



1、Check the pressure gauge, calibrate or replace the pressure gauge

2, point check, you can also determine the solenoid valve / pneumatic valve switching instructions and action is normal

3, PLC contacts burn, through the indicator, multimeter check, PLC has a spare point, if a bad contact, can be quickly replaced to the spare point

4、Molecular sieve sinking alarm, molecular sieve loose, resulting in pulverization, black smoke, need to be timely shutdown to contact the manufacturer to deal with

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