June 6, 2022 Plastic Drum blow molding machine

Pneumatic application in the plastic blowing machine industry

Hollow blow molding machine, a rapidly developing plastic processing method; products include multi-layer composite films and various types of polyolefin hollow containers, widely used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Domestic blow molding machine industry is mainly concentrated in Dongguan, Guangdong, Zhejiang Taizhou, Jiangsu Zhangjiagang and Shanghai; with the continuous progress of science and technology and the scale of production; domestic blow molding machine automatic blow molding machine industry is also shifting from complete imitation to self-development; from low-end to mid-to-high-end development.


Process: automatic blow molding machine, automatic blow molding machine is mainly divided into three categories: extrusion blow molding machine, needle blow molding machine and special structure blow molding machine. Processing process is mainly divided into one-step and two-step blow molding machine molding process, mainly for PET and BOPP hollow container molding. Both of them have their own characteristics and are widely used. The two-step method is more suitable for centralized production of bottle blanks and decentralized bottle blowing; while the one-step equipment is more suitable for online production of beverage enterprises.

Blowing machine blowing procedure mainly has six steps: 1) first of all, the heated plastic embryo into the mold; 2) the use of mold locking cylinder will be trivial tight mold; 3) and then high pressure or mechanical structure so that the embryo mold lock; 4) in high pressure pre-blowing, while stretching cylinder action so that the embryo mold expansion; 5) high pressure blowing, embryo shaped according to the mold, and keep pressure for a certain period of time; 6) will have been shaped in the bottle of high pressure release, cylinder reset –Take the bottle.

Typical air circuit: pneumatic in the blowing machine is very much used; from the release – locking – stretching – high pressure blowing release – take the bottle, this series of actions are completed by pneumatic assistance. Introduce the circuit a gas circuit is divided into two pieces, atmospheric pressure part and high pressure part; YSC products in the high pressure part is not yet a complete solution, we mainly provide customers with atmospheric pressure part.

The recommended products are as follows.
1) Solenoid valve: YSVF30005000 series;
2) Cylinder: YCA3 series; large cylinder YCS1 series, YCQ2 series, YMB series; rodless cylinder (open cylinder): YPL series; pendulum cylinder: YMSQ series;
3) Air claw: YCHB series, YCHA series.
3) Filtration part: YAC series; YAFF and YAMG series.
YSC products industry advantages and disadvantages: 1) solenoid valve part: solenoid valve flow; high life – more than 50 million times; pilot using a dual-inlet structure, strong environmental resistance; beautiful appearance. 2) cylinder part: for the blowing machine high speed, the use of poor environmental conditions, the cylinder dynamic seal ring to use PPD seal structure, this seal ring at high speed by the gas pressure after the gas pressure. (3) Disadvantages: The high pressure part of YSC is not complete, so we can’t come up with an overall solution for customers. The main competitors in the industry: In the high-end market: FESTO’s seal tension cylinder, single seal cylinder DNC series, ADVU series; FESTO, BOSCH, NEUMANTICS’s five-way valve; PARKER, Norgren’s high pressure two-way valve. In the middle and low end market: YSC, PNEUMAN, AIRTAC five-way valves, sealing and stretching cylinders, single sealing cylinders; domestic high-pressure valves and other products.

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