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How to select UV light curing equipment?

A UV light curing equipment should be composed of five parts: light source part, ventilation part, control part, transmission part and box. These five parts of the design is reasonable, the quality of the parts is not satisfactory to determine the quality of the whole UV machine.

As we all know, UV light curing technology is now widely used in the furniture, flooring, building materials, printing and other industries, the current market has more varieties of UV machines, quality also varies, if buyers buy poor quality UV machine, not only will not increase economic benefits, but may lead to production can not run normally because of machine failure.

First look at the UV machine light source part:

This part is mainly composed of UV lamps, lampshades, ballasts, triggers and other components.

At present, the domestic UV machine mainly uses high-pressure mercury lamps as the UV light source, high-pressure mercury lamps are relatively inexpensive and have a high peak in the range of 343 ~ 380nm, so it has a wide range of applications. Domestic production of high-pressure mercury lamp manufacturers, the manufacturing process varies greatly, the main difference is the use of lamp materials, its life expectancy is generally between 600-1000 hours. After reaching the UV lamp life, it is recommended to replace immediately, because at this time the UV light intensity will weaken, affecting the curing effect. In addition, a UV machine contains the number of lamps and power is not the more the better, should be selected according to their actual needs of production, otherwise the UV lamp power is too large and too small will affect the product curing effect.

UV lamp reflector must be used aluminum, but not iron or stainless steel, because the stainless steel plate at high temperatures will become black, black will not only play a reflective role, but also absorb light. Reflective effect is the best when the mirror surface aluminum oxide plate, its reflectivity can reach 80% or more, thus greatly improving the utilization of ultraviolet light.

The shape of the reflector is generally used in the shape of a semi-circular arc to ensure that the UV light together, but also pay attention to the UV lamp erection position, to ensure that it is in focus. Practice has proved that this reflector not only has excellent light gathering effect, but also plays a good heat dissipation function.

UV lamp ballast and capacitor should be selected according to the UV lamp power to ensure that the lamp can work at full power and not to burn.

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