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How did the air compressor inverter suddenly blow up?

Assembly recently every week to stagger the power limit, workshop equipment and gas, but the 55kW air compressor is too big, can not be opened during the power limit, a drive will exceed the power supply bureau to the load quota. In order to be able to normal production, the company’s higher management decided to pull the 22kW spare screw-type inverter air compressor from the injection moulding workshop to the assembly workshop, which is also a good machine, and is usually used only sparingly, and is just enough to be pulled to the assembly workshop.


Before the mould air compressor to the assembly workshop, due to the power of only 15kW, pipeline and long, air pressure is not enough, to the workshop is only 4 pressure, and the air compressor has been loading, the workshop equipment at least 4.5 pressure or more, guide equipment can not be normal production.


Yesterday, the boss arranged the colleague to remove the power line and pipeline of the spare air compressor in the injection moulding workshop, and then told the warehouse to use forklift to help pull it away to the assembly workshop in the afternoon. He also told his colleagues to move the 15kW small air compressor away from the injection moulding workshop and take over the wiring as soon as the air compressor arrived. We will be busy with other things in the injection moulding workshop.


After the compressor position, colleagues will be the compressor three-phase power line connected to the gas supply pipeline, push the gate to send power, the compressor power on the display of the phase sequence failure, and then colleagues to the compressor two fire wire to switch the order, and then power on the compressor, the compressor frequency converter directly smoke, the power distribution room switch are tripped.


This is obviously short-circuited, so high current can be the switch in the distribution room to trip, colleagues are puzzled, he does not understand the frequency converter, due to smoke, coupled with the night he dared not mess with a person, for fear of further problems, and immediately report the situation with the boss. Blame it on our learning is not good, this inverter play less, out of trouble will not engage, the oldest told him to pull down the compressor main gate. Firstly, send up the main switch of the power distribution room, so that the workshop can use electricity normally. Tomorrow call the air compressor repair people to come over to get.


In fact, we did not think to understand, this side just removed the power cord, go over there to install, the inverter to burn smoke. Some time ago in the injection moulding workshop can be used normally. This morning the air compressor repair man came, measured the inverter, said bad. He brought an identical inverter over. We also brought tools to find the voltage, and found that the air compressor main switch through the meter and then to the air compressor power inlet terminal, measured the three-phase voltage are normal, the inlet terminal are not a problem. Later in the side to see them put the new inverter up, and then the parameters adjusted, power supply test machine gas supply all normal.


I listened to my colleagues said this bad inverter inside the smoke, thought the inside of the large capacitor fried, I take a screwdriver to open the cover, did not see where there is smoke inside, capacitors did not discharge, the bottom of the board I did not remove, it should be the bottom of the piece of the motherboard burned, the new inverter ran for half an hour, and did not find any problems.


This repair heard the boss said cost a few thousand dollars, the price is normal. People are relying on technology to eat, technology is priceless. We are not as skilled as others, naturally can not get the money, it seems that the knowledge of electrician never-ending, we also need to continue to improve their skills. This time we are in the eyes of the leadership impression greatly reduced.


Below are the pictures I took today to repair the air compressor. Now the fault is solved, but it’s not fixed yet. May I ask what this is usually caused by, so I removed the power cord, changed the place, reconnected the power cord, and how did the good inverter suddenly blow up? Is it possible that my colleague told a lie and did something else without telling us? Asked to repair the air compressor people also stammered, and now is really do not understand, Murphy reported a fault, must first reset, and then turn on the machine? Of course I have limited skills!

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