July 14, 2022 Plastic Drum blow molding machine

What are the considerations of HDPE as raw material for blow molding machine production?

HDPE is one of the commonly used production raw materials for blow molding machine, with stable processing performance, good molding effect, low material cost, low carbon and environmental protection. But in the process of processing as blow molding, in order to achieve a more ideal production state, it is necessary to understand some HDPE blow molding should be noted.

Blow molding machine temperature

If HDPE is used, the blow molding machine temperature should generally be set at 170-210 degrees, the specific equipment temperature parameters, according to the specific products to determine the temperature of blow molding small products is generally lower, while large products should be used at a higher temperature.

The temperature is too low, the HDPE processing embryo will break; conversely, the temperature is too high, the embryo will fall, the production of products will have uneven wall thickness. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the embryos and products, the temperature needs to be adjusted according to the quality of the embryos during the trial run of the blow molding machine.

Extrusion speed of blow molding machine

Extrusion speed and processing temperature are almost the same measure, not too fast and not too slow, while the speed and temperature should match each other.

How to match? Just like blow molding machine in the production process using HDPE, is not allowed to set too high speed and too low molding temperature, such parameters set, will cause quality problems, mold rupture, product quality is too large, etc.

Mold temperature of blow molding machine

Mold is the place where HDPE final molding products, mold temperature settings will directly affect the surface quality of the product, appearance, product quality, etc., in addition to the impact on the product, the molding efficiency of the blow molding machine is also a certain impact.

Mold temperature should be set according to the production of raw materials and products of the process, but not fixed, according to the actual production situation in real time to adjust.

Air pressure of blow molding machine

HDPE blow molding pressure value range is generally in 0.4-0.7MPA, of course, we can appropriately increase the blow molding blowing pressure within a reasonable range, which is beneficial to the blow molding of products, can improve the cooling efficiency of products, improve the cooling effect, shorten the blow molding cycle and improve the quality of products.


The above notes on HDPE blow molding should be based on HDPE as a raw material for blow molding machine production, as well as the use of HDPE blow molding processing, some of the problems that arise, the notes listed some common process parameters set, just to provide reference, but also to avoid the use of problems, specific problems and use, or according to the specific product type to determine.


Parameters of  Water Tank Blow Molding Machine:

Machine Type Production Capacity of Machine Plasticizing


Max Parison Weight Clamping Platen Size Clamping Force Machine Weight Power Consumption Machine Size
HY-200L 50L-200L 300KG/H 18KG 1000*1200MM 400KN 22T 120KW 9.8*8*5.6M
HY-500L 200L-500L 400KG/H 25KG 1200*1400MM 600KN 30T 160KW 10.5*8.5*6.2M
HY-1000L 200L-1000L 500KG/H 42KG 1500*1700MM 800KN 50T 200KW 11.4*9.5*6.6M
HY-2000L 500L-2000L 600KG/H 75KG 1900*2000MM 1800KN 65T 240KW 12.6*10*7.4M
HY-3000L 750L-3000L 1000KG/H 120KG 2200*2400MM 2200KN 85T 280KW 13.5*11*7.9M
HY-5000L 1000L-5000L 1200KG/H 200KG 2400*2600MM 2500KN 125T 320KW 14.4*12*8.6M
HY-10000L 2000L-10000L 1400KG/H 380KG 2800*3200MM 3200KN 204T 450KW 15*12.4*9.5M
HY-20000L 5000L-20000L 1600KG/H 700KG 3000*3600MM 6200KN 365T 480KW 15.5*13.2*10M

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